Leading the New Way to Serve

Project Restore MN, is a youth founded and youth-led private-non-profit social enterprise whose mission is providing various services to American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) organizations, communities, and youth across MN. We understand that our ADOS youth face many barriers, including, but not limited to: lack of access to financial literacy, mental health issues stemming from generations of trauma, limited technical training programs, scarce resources that provide access to college enrollment, and overall insufficient funds.

Project Restore MN mission is to meet our youth where they are and provide them with as much guidance and support they may need to be successful. There is no one size fits all approach to solving the many disparities that exist. We have developed a model that will address all of the needs of our youth, while simultaneously investing in small-minority owned businesses to promote entrepreneurship and interdependence throughout our communities. Project Restore MN believes that through strategic partnerships and community engagement, it can change the narrative of the past four-hundred years, and re-shape what the next four-hundred years will be.

Project Restore Minnesota mission is distributing food, water, necessities & diapers to their community.
Project Restore Minnesota mission is distributing food, water, necessities & diapers to their community.
Project Restore Minnesota distributing food, water, necessities & diapers to their community.


System-impacted youth and young adults living in Minnesota are valued, supported, and provided opportunities that prepare them for successful transitions into adulthood as we work towards a society free of youth detention centers.



To ensure public well-being and promote positive youth development, Project Restore Minnesota will support government entities in transforming their youth justice system into a fair and equitable environment that fosters the growth and development of youth/young adults. We can create a system that does not excessively incarcerate our youth through the use of accurate data, collaboration, shared accountability, community engagement, expanded opportunities, and effective alternatives to detention/ confinement.



Project Restore Minnesota will partner with government agencies in adopting and operationalizing transformational policies, practices, and programming in the youth justice system that:

● Decrease unnecessary correctional displacement of youth and correct disproportionality of youth of color impacted by the criminal justice system.
● Implement therapeutic and restorative justice principles that focus on repairing harm and restoring families and communities rather than punishment.
● Develop programs that create pathways for continued education, personal development, professional development, job training, and peer mentorship.
● Establish a state and federal legislative agenda that addresses barriers to youth/young adults reintegrating into society from incarceration. The legislative agenda should expand educational resources, job training, mental health support, peer mentorship, and expungement for detained youth, young adults, and those departing detentions/placements.



The Project Restore Minnesota Business Model

Project Restore Minnesota is determined to lead by example and completely re-shape how we support our ADOS community, local businesses, and youth. Project Restore MN wants to position itself at the center of economic development, community empowerment, and restoration. Project Restore MN—acknowledges that the old way of supporting our ADOS community has not been entirely successful, so we must be innovative and creative in our approaches to formulating new solutions to existing problems.

Project Restore Minnesota is committed to developing a new standard of operation. Our business model provides our enterprise with the flexibility to sub contract out a majority of our services to experienced independent freelancers and organizers who have direct ties to the communities in which we support. We acknowledge the inevitable change taking place in our society, and we want to be ahead of the curve in the effort to support ADOS businesses, youth, and community support services.

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