Services from Project Restore Minnesota

Services from Project Restore Minnesota

Offer program evaluation & consulting services for non-profits/public entities that serve ADOS and other POC populations, emphasizing youth.

Offer financial literacy and investment 101 courses. At the duration of the program, each youth will receive an investment account as well as a start-up fund that will be managed and maintained by PR-MN staff.

Establish a regulatory board to oversee the functioning and operation of NGOs and Nonprofits whose mission statements involve supporting ADOS and POC youth.

Promote social and voter engagement through various GOTV campaigns and social media campaigns to get youth involved in the democratic process.

We will stimulate direct economic development through subcontracting our services out to independent freelancers and professionals within the ADOS community.

Establish fundamental political courses that inform ADOS youth about policy processes, organizational dynamics of government entities, emphasizing professional development and advocacy in those areas.

Provide direct community support for food insecurity through hosting food drives and fully developing our contactless-food delivery services.

We will partner with small ADOS businesses to help them organize, market, and execute business plans. However, we will prioritize youth entrepreneurship, providing direct support to youth founded organizations, and corporations.

The Project Restore Minnesota Business Model

Project Restore MN is determined to lead by example and completely re-shape how we support our ADOS community, local businesses, and youth. Project Restore MN wants to position itself at the center of economic development, community empowerment, and restoration. Project Restore MN—acknowledges that the old way of supporting our ADOS community has not been entirely successful, so we must be innovative and creative in our approaches to formulating new solutions to existing problems.

Project Restore MN is committed to developing a new standard of operation. Our business model provides our enterprise with the flexibility to sub contract out a majority of our services to experienced independent freelancers and organizers who have direct ties to the communities in which we support. We acknowledge the inevitable change taking place in our society, and we want to be ahead of the curve in the effort to support ADOS businesses, youth, and community support services.

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