Project Restore MN – Thomas Nelson III Testimonial

Hello, my name is Thomas Nelson III. Project Restore MN class on black empowerment has helped me to understand myself and my history better. It is helping me improve on finding the proper resources when identifying injustices committed towards individuals. It remains to me to be colossal help when I address critical race theory. The class within itself has continuously given me a new perspective on previous and future situations that may have come to fruition and the knowledge and tools I may need to combat them. Having a space to connect with other individuals of the same age and conversing with elders and our community to gain knowledge is always a blessing and something that I’ve always enjoyed having the opportunity to be a part of.

I now often catch myself interacting with more individuals of the black community in the minority community alike! I believe this class has had a successful impact on participants when addressing historical events and people and retaining them in today’s society. Especially giving young adults the tools they may need to manage and combat these injustices and the workplace. One of the most important parts about the class is the space brought to us to allow everyone to speak up and not feel judged for their opinion are their question they may have. If I can offer anything, possibly having more action groups or breakout rooms offers more mentors to retain some interests.

Possibly offering shorter class periods but more often classes. Essentially offering two to three classes a week that is more like an hour to two hours long. I believe the use of Schoology could be more refined. Schoology by any means isn’t complicated; however, I think it could be simplified, possibly offering a search mechanism for when looking for certain things that may have come up and wanting to go back to find said information. And possibly offering more immersive content when involving the group, I am not sure if it may be because of such a large group. However, it could easily be people are just shy

Before I have joined this class, I haven’t thought much about becoming an entrepreneur. The course gives me multiple resources and tools to interact and network with the knowledge necessary to become an entrepreneur. I believe this class will bring to fruition a lot more paths I can take when conducting professional business in a competitive market as a minority. One of the most significant impacts this class has given me was the confidence to compete ​in a competitive job market. Its also given me the ability to reason confidently in addressing Injustices throughout my community. It also gives me the knowledge and Hopes to start a business focusing on empowering the black community.