Project Restore MN – Isaiah Frandsen Testimonial

Isaiah Frandsen Testimonial for Project Restore Minnesota

This program has impacted me beyond just knowledge, resource, and access. This program has given me a part of myself back I previously wasn’t aware of. This program granted me the tools to dive deeper into my pain, my failure, my thoughts, my finances, my creations, my ideas, my goals, and most importantly into myself as an entire being. When you learn about the things that hurt you and hold you back, it illuminates opportunities to improve yourself first, and then the community and people around you.

This program has given me an opportunity to express myself, and also understand others perspectives, concepts and ideology that might be new and or unfamiliar to me. The exposure to a new approach to learning online has created a unique interacting style with a majority of people I haven’t met in person. However that has not stopped the program or the participants from gaining, observing, and applying the information presented. Some possible ways to improve the program would be more collective accountability. With accountability there is both an individual responsibility, as well as responsibility to be on time, prepared, and attentive to the program sessions and tasks. Another possible improvement would be a required weekly reflection and or some weekly tasks. One following the session and one mid week to continue to have these conversations, ideas, and concepts progressed and developed into deeper actualization. This program will bring and spark many things in the minds, souls, and bodies of our young developing adults.

The more access to information to empower, to educate, and guide people in their careers, mental capacity, resources, mentors, finances, and ultimately the community around them. When you empower an individual, it will make them think and feel different. Which will likely lead the empowered person to look at their current environment and community and look for solutions to the many problems that people face. This program will continue to guide me with an inspired perspective to influence change and create impact. The information is only as good as its applied and shared amongst all who don’t have the access. When you give more people access to information you create a collective influence, it will directly impact every community. This is the gateway program to more community empowerment and individual empowerment.

This project is the beginning of restoring a community which is tired, overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated. This is the start of a life changing program that only the participant can use to light up other areas of their life that were previously dark and unseen. I have individually learned about pain, unknown traumas, principles, awareness, identity, thinking and behavior, criticism and its importance, feelings and emotions, boundaries and the different types, value systems, self-esteem, self talk, self expression, health, restoring ourselves and repairing relationships, cover letters, business plans, college applications, resumes. To name a few. The program is an essential and key part to our growing, diversifying, and expanding community with many beliefs. It is important to make sure we continue to give a voice for the voiceless. Programs like this allow voice, understanding, expression, application, and an elevated and inspired community.

Isaiah Frandsen, I.F. Spiration CEO